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File #: ORD 23-13    Name:
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
In control: President and Board of Trustees
On agenda: 2/6/2023 Final action: 2/6/2023
Title: Concur with the Plan Commission's Recommendation and Adopt an Ordinance Granting Major Modifications to the Planned Development Approved Pursuant to Ordinance Number 18-386 for the Properties Located at 6500-6538 Roosevelt Road (*)
Attachments: 1. Ordinance Major Modifications - PC, 2. Ordinance Major Modifications - Staff, 3. Findings of Fact, 4. ORD 18-386, 5. Application, 6. Staff Report, 7. Environmental Report

Submitted By                     

Plan Commission through Tammie Grossman, Development Customer Services Director


Reviewed By

A.M. Zayyad


Agenda Item Title


Concur with the Plan Commission’s Recommendation and Adopt an Ordinance Granting  Major Modifications to the Planned Development Approved Pursuant to Ordinance Number 18-386 for the Properties Located at 6500-6538 Roosevelt Road (*)





The Applicants and Owners, Berwyn Properties, LLC & Dei Cugini, LLC, are seeking approval to expand their existing parking lot further west. 





The Plan Commission recommended approval of the application by a 7-0 vote with conditions.



Staff Recommendation

Staff supports the Plan Commission’s recommendation with one exception regarding an allowance to permit eight (8) delivery truck/van parking on site.  The Zoning Ordinance prohibits the parking of vehicles from businesses located outside municipal boundaries.  The Zoning Ordinance states that the building or use being served must be located within the boundaries of the Village of Oak Park.  The parking spaces would be reserved for delivery vehicles associated with the manufacturing and distribution use established across Roosevelt Road in the City of Berwyn.


Fiscal Impact




The planned development is located within the RR Roosevelt Road Street Zoning District-subsection “Transitional District” approximately west of vacated Scoville Avenue and the vacated Gunderson Avenue right-of-way. The subject site is currently occupied with Turano Bakery office building and parking lot. The proposed major modifications consist of the installation of an additional surface parking area associated with the office building use. The proposal has been reviewed by staff’s Project Review Team. The Applicant’s request for approval is accompanied by seven (7) allowances to the regulations of the zoning ordinance relative to parking lot setbacks, reduction in parking lot landscaping and to allow eight delivery trucks on site. Five (5) of these allowances mirror those approved under the original planned development ordinance. The two new allowances are for landscaping lot coverage reduction from the required 10% to 7.4% and delivery truck/van parking spaces for an off-site use.  The Applicant is also intending to install solar panels on top of the existing office building and as standalone accessory structures within the existing parking lot and proposed parking lot.



Not approve the Application.

Approve the Application without allowing delivery truck/van parking spaces.


Previous Board Action

The Village Board referred the application to the Plan Commission for public hearing at their November 21, 2022 regular meeting.


Citizen Advisory Commission Action

Mr. Anthony Turano, as the applicant representative, provided an overview of the request.


The plan commissioners asked questions regarding the level of supplemental energy the solar panels would provide, EV capability, fencing installation relative to existing, landscaping relative to current installation, container planting and possible increase in planting offerings, traffic through the proposed alley access point, delivery truck/van traffic, the need to park delivery truck/vans on site, registration of proposed delivery trucks/vans, and the precedents of allowing delivery trucks/vans to park on site. Mr. Turano indicated that the solar panels will provide for approximately half of the office building needs. He stated that the site will be constructed with opportunities for EV charging station in the future. The proposed landscaping would be the same as what was previously approved on the office building site. The delivery truck/van parking would be for overflow from another site. It would not necessarily be full all the time.  Any delivery truck/van routes would be through the Gunderson Avenue access and not through the proposed alley access gate.


The applicant’s traffic consultant, Javier Milan, with KLOA, stated that a 12-foot-wide gate access to the east/west alley would be adequate for personal vehicles exiting from the lot, but would prohibit delivery truck/van access.


The Plan Commission recommended the following additional conditions relative to the proposed alley access drive and gate;

1.  The gate access to the alley shall only be a secondary exit,

2.  No delivery truck/van access shall be allowed via the alley gate,

3. The gate width shall be reduced to a maximum of 12 feet wide, narrowed down from the 16-foot-wide gate as depicted on the drawings, and

4. The applicant shall post a left-turn-only sign at the gate exit.


The Commission video can be viewed at <>   January 5, 2023.



Anticipated Future Actions/Commitments



Intergovernmental Cooperation Opportunities

Zoning and land use matters are unique to the Village government within the corporate limits of Oak Park and therefore, intergovernmental cooperation opportunities do not exist.