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File #: MOT 23-55    Name:
Type: Motion Status: Passed
In control: President and Board of Trustees
On agenda: 5/22/2023 Final action: 5/22/2023
Title: A Motion to Approve an Updated Organizational Chart for the Village Manager's Office and Development Customer Services Department, Including the Creation of a Neighborhood Services Department
Attachments: 1. Revised Presentation, 2. Current FY 2023 Org Chart - Village, 3. Proposed FY 2023 Org Chart - Village, 4. Current FY 2023 Org Chart VMO, 5. Current FY 2023 Org Chart DCS, 6. Proposed FY 2023 Org Chart - VMO.pdf, 7. Proposed FY 2023 Org Chart - Development Services.pdf, 8. Proposed FY 2023 Org Chart - Neighborhood Services.pdf

Submitted By                     

Kira Tchang, Assistant Village Manager/HR Director


Reviewed By

A.M. Zayyad, Deputy Village Manager


Agenda Item Title


A Motion to Approve an Updated Organizational Chart for the Village Manager’s Office and Development Customer Services Department, Including the Creation of a Neighborhood Services Department





In order to meet both emergent and long-term organizational goals and address succession planning needs, the Village Manager is proposing changes to the organizational chart designed to prioritize efficient and effective baseline services and ensure visibility and responsiveness with important initiatives and key organizational priorities in support of the Board’s goals.  The reorganization includes the following elements: 1) The creation of a standalone Neighborhood Services Department designed to oversee and elevate code compliance, housing programs, and grants management and bring back neighborhood and community engagement and civic education and participation. 2) The permanent integration of the Community Relations Department's responsibilities within the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 3) Changes to the Development Customer Services Department, including a name change to “Development Services,” which is in line with industry standards and an enhanced focus on economic development and vitality within the Village organization. Since the staff’s presentation on May 8th, staff has updated the job title of the administrative support roles within Development Services, Neighborhood Services, and the Village Manager’s Office to be Executive Coordinator. Additionally, staff has updated the presentation to include the OPRF Chamber of Commerce in the Development Services Department’s list of key initiatives and Special Events Permitting in the Neighborhood Service Department’s list of key initiatives.





Adopt the Motion.



Over the past 14 months, the Village Manager has been evaluating operations including staffing as it relates to day-to-day service delivery and progress toward achieving the Board’s goals. Last summer, the Village Manager proposed a series of budget-neutral staffing changes which the Board authorized. The Manager further made a number of new recommendations as a part of the FY23 budget process which were subsequently approved by the Board.


At this time, the Village Manager is recommending several changes designed to further strengthen the Village’s service delivery model and also address challenges related to the span of control and necessary succession planning needs. This includes a reorganization of the Development Customer Services Department, retitling the department to Development Services, and creating a standalone Neighborhood Services Department from the Neighborhood Services Division. In addition, this includes the shifting of the Community Relations Department activities such as the human rights ordinance, civil rights, fair housing, community conflict resolution, and cultural and diversity programming into the Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion.


By making these changes, the Village will streamline Development Services to focus on 4 key areas: 1) Economic Development & Vitality, 2) Development & Permits, 3) Planning & Urban Design, and 4) Parking & Mobility Services. The Neighborhood Services Department, led by an Assistant Village Manager/Neighborhood Services Director (reclassified from the vacant Community Relations Director role) would focus on 4 key areas: 1) Neighborhood Code Compliance, 2) Housing, 3) Grants Administration, and 4) Neighborhood Partnerships. A newly created Neighborhood Partnership Office would offer coordinated responses to neighbor challenges, develop and maintain a neighborhood registry to facilitate ongoing relationship-building and outreach efforts, oversee civic education and engagement activities and serve as a welcome center at the Village Hall for assisting community members and connecting them with the appropriate resources. The Assistant Village Manager/Neighborhood Services Director in particular would be an external facing resource for the community centrally coordinating cross-departmental responses to neighborhood challenges and issues.


Proposed Position Changes:

• Development Customer Services Director: Retitled to Development Services Director

• Assistant Development Customer Services Director: Retitled to Assistant Development Services Director/Economic Vitality Administrator

• Village Planner: Reclassified to Planning and Urban Development Manager/Village Planner

• Community Relations Director: Reclassified to Assistant Village Manager/Neighborhood Services Director

• Neighborhood Services Manager: Retitled to Neighborhood Programs Manager

• Neighborhood Services Supervisor: Reclassified to Neighborhood Code Compliance Manager

• Grants Supervisor: Reclassified to Grants Manager

• Executive Secretary: Retitled to Executive Coordinator


New Positions Proposed:

• Economic Vitality Manager (currently funded in the Economic Development Corporation)

• Executive Secretary (Neighborhood Services)

• Neighborhood Partnership Administrator

• Housing Programs Coordinator

• Welcome Center Coordinator


Positions eliminated:

• Part-time Customer Service Representative (Environmental Services)

• Part-time Intern (Village Manager’s Office)


Staff has also included a proposed implementation timeline for changes related to the Village Board’s adoption of this motion.


5/8                     Board presentation

5/22                     Board adoptions motion

5/29                     Staff begin department head recruitment processes

6/5                     Staff brings follow-up actions to Board on consent agenda

6/23                     DCS Director retires

9/3                     OPEDC funding paused following 90-day notice (from 6/5)


Fiscal Impact

Title changes have no impact on the FY23 budget and reclassifications will have minimal fiscal impact. Staff do not anticipate the need for a budget amendment related to any position reclassifications.

For newly recommended positions staff propose the following placement on the appointee pay plan (Appendix VII) in addition to the estimated salary costs in the first year:

Economic Vitality Manager (13-PM): $100,000-$117,500

Neighborhood Partnerships Manager (12-PM): $85,000-$102,500

Housing Programs Coordinator (10-PM): $75,000-$90,000

Executive Coordinator (15-GS): $26.92/hr to $33.975 ($52,494-$66,251)

Welcome Center Coordinator (15-GS): $26.92/hr to $33.975 ($52,494-$66,251)


The total salary spend on these new positions is estimated at $365,000-$442,500 annually. Savings from positions eliminated is $42,120 annually. The new positions would further be funded by reallocating funding the Village has budgeted for the Economic Development Corporation (EDC). The value of the EDC contract is $571,500 annually.


DEI Impact

There is a natural alignment between the Community Relations Department functions (tenant/landlord relations, community outreach, special events, and services) and the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The Community Relations Department has a longstanding and successful history in the Village of Oak Park and staff are excited to see the continued evolution of CR in the office of DEI.



Alternative 1: Maintain the Status Quo

Alternative 2: The Board may delay and seek additional information.

Alternative 3: Maintain the Status Quo with staffing enhancements related to housing programs and engagement/response coordination only.


Previous Board Action



Citizen Advisory Commission Action



Anticipated Future Actions/Commitments

Pending Village Board approval of an updated organizational chart, staff will submit updates to Appendices I and VII of the Village of Oak Park Personnel Manual, and updates to Village Code codifying necessary changes to applicable department names and functions in addition to any transition work related to the OPEDC contract.


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