123 Madison Street  
Oak Park, Illinois 60302  
Village of Oak Park  
Meeting Agenda  
President and Board of Trustees  
Monday, May 1, 2023  
7:00 PM  
Village Hall  
Regular Meeting at 7:00 p.m., Council Chambers.  
The President and Board of Trustees welcome you. Public comments may be made by  
individuals at the beginning of the meeting, as well as when agenda items are reviewed. If  
you wish to make a statement, please complete the "Request to Address the Village  
Board" form which is available at the back of the Chambers, and present it to the staff  
table at front. When recognized, approach the podium, state your name first, and please  
limit your remarks to three minutes.  
Instructions for Public Comment  
Public comments are allowed for an agenda item. Persons are asked to email a request  
to speak during the meeting to publiccomment@oak-park.us no later than 5:00 p.m.  
prior to the start of the meeting or make a request at the meeting with the Village Clerk.  
You may also call the Village Clerk's Office by 5:00 p.m. prior to the meeting at  
708-358-5670 and you will be given instructions on how to participate during the meeting.  
Agenda public comment will be limited to three minutes per person per agenda item with  
a maximum of three agenda items to which you can speak. In addition, a maximum of  
five persons can speak to each side of any one topic that is scheduled for or has been  
the subject of a public hearing by a designated hearing body. These items are noted with  
I. Call to Order  
II. Roll Call  
III. Agenda Approval  
IV. Village President's Welcome  
V. Public Comment  
VI. Resolution Certifying Election Results  
A Resolution Proclaiming the Results of the Consolidated Election Held on  
April 4, 2023  
This is a traditional action in which the Village Clerk presents the election  
results for Village officers as certified by the Cook County Clerk for adoption by  
the Village Board.  
VII. Oath of Office: VILLAGE TRUSTEE  
1. Remarks from Mid-Term Trustees  
a. Remarks from Trustee Parakkat  
b. Remarks from Trustee Robinson  
c. Remarks from Trustee Enyia  
d. Remarks from Village President Scaman  
2. Remarks from Outgoing Trustees  
a. Remarks from Trustee James “Jim” Taglia  
3. Oath of Office for the Newly Elected  
Clerk Waters will swear in each Trustee at the podium.  
a. Village Trustee Cory J. Wesley  
After the oath of office, Trustee Cory Wesley will return to his seat  
at the Village Board table  
b. Village Trustee Brian D. Straw  
After the oath of office, Trustee Brian Straw will take the seat of  
Trustee Taglia at the Village Board table  
c. Village Trustee Susan Buchanan  
After the oath of office, Trustee Susan Buchanan return to her seat  
at the Village Board table  
VIII. Resolution of Appreciation & Service Award  
A Resolution in Appreciation of James “Jim” Taglia  
Trustee Taglia will be presented with the Resolution & given a service  
IX. Diversity Statement  
A Resolution Adopting the Diversity Statement  
It is a tradition in Oak Park for the Village Board of Trustees to reaffirm the  
diversity statement after each election. This is done at the first meeting in  
which the newly elected are sworn into office. This statement has been  
updated to add language that acknowledges Native Americans, and language  
that reflects the current DEI journey Oak Park is embarking on. The Diversity,  
equity, and inclusion statement is also translated into Spanish.  
X. Remarks from the Newly Elected and Re-Elected Trustees  
1. Remarks from Trustee Susan Buchanan  
2. Remarks from Trustee Brian Straw  
3. Remarks from Trustee Cory J. Wesley  
XI. Closing Remarks from President Scaman  
XII. Adjourn