123 Madison Street  
Oak Park, Illinois 60302  
Village of Oak Park  
Meeting Agenda  
President and Board of Trustees  
Monday, May 22, 2023  
7:00 PM  
Village Hall  
A Special Meeting will start at 7:00 p.m., in Council Chambers (Room 201).  
The President and Board of Trustees welcome you. Public comments may be made by  
individuals at the beginning of the meeting, as well as when agenda items are reviewed. If  
you wish to make a statement, please complete the "Request to Address the Village  
Board" form which is available at the back of the Chambers, and present it to the staff  
table at front. When recognized, approach the podium, state your name first, and please  
limit your remarks to three minutes.  
Instructions for Non-Agenda Public Comment  
Non-agenda public comment is a time set aside at the beginning of a Village Board  
meeting for persons to make public comments about an issue or concern which is not  
on the meeting agenda. It is not intended to be a dialogue with the Board. Send a  
request to state your comments by 5:00 p.m. the day of the Village Board meeting to  
publiccomment@oak-park.us or make a request at the meeting with the Village Clerk.  
You may also call the Village Clerk's office by 5:00 p.m. prior to the meeting at  
708-358-5670 and you will be given instructions on how to participate during the meeting.  
Non-agenda public comment will be limited to 30 minutes with a limit of three minutes  
per comment. If comment requests exceed 30 minutes, public comment will resume  
after the items listed under the agenda are complete.  
Instructions for Agenda Public Comment  
Public comments are allowed for an agenda item. Persons are asked to email a request  
to speak during the meeting to publiccomment@oak-park.us no later than 5:00 p.m.  
prior to the start of the meeting or make a request at the meeting with the Village Clerk.  
You may also call the Village Clerk's Office by 5:00 p.m. prior to the meeting at  
708-358-5670 and you will be given instructions on how to participate during the meeting.  
Agenda public comment will be limited to three minutes per person per agenda item with  
a maximum of three agenda items to which you can speak. In addition, a maximum of  
five persons can speak to each side of any one topic that is scheduled for or has been  
the subject of a public hearing by a designated hearing body. These items are noted with  
I. Call to Order  
II. Roll Call  
III. Agenda Approval  
IV. Non-Agenda Public Comment  
V. Proclamation  
A Motion to Approve a Proclamation for Proclaiming May 2023 as  
Community Mental Health Board 50th Anniversary.  
This is a motion to approve Village President Scaman proclaiming May 2023 as  
CMHB 50th Anniversary.  
A Motion to Approve a Proclamation In Honor of John Lynch May 22, 2023.  
This is a motion to approve a proclamation honoring John Lynch.  
VI. Regular Agenda  
Presentation and Discussion on Municipal Options for Blending Renewable  
Energy within Retail Supply and Aggregation Contracts  
A presentation from Mark Pruitt, principal of the Power Bureau, the Village’s  
consultant for services related to the Village's municipal aggregation and  
renewable energy programs, on options available to municipalities seeking to  
purchase renewable energy.  
Presentation and Discussion on Current Business Trends, Recent New  
Developments, and Past Planning Efforts Regarding Roosevelt Road and  
North Avenue  
Village staff will provide a brief presentation highlighting information on the  
Roosevelt Road Business District and the North Avenue Business District,  
including current business trends, recent new developments, and past planning  
A Resolution Approving a Fiscal Year 2022 Community Project Funding  
Grant Agreement No. B-22-CP-IL-0333 between the United States  
Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Village of Oak  
Park for the North Avenue Gateway Safety Improvement Project in an  
Amount Not to Exceed $200,000 and Authorizing its Execution  
In 2022 the Village received a $200,000 federal appropriation sponsored by  
Senator Dick Durbin for the North Avenue Safety Improvement Project as part of  
the Federal Consolidated Appropriations Act. The United States Department of  
Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved the proposed grant  
application for a proposed gateway feature on North Avenue near the Austin  
Boulevard intersection and this Grant Agreement defines the terms and  
conditions for using these funds. Construction of the gateway feature would  
be coordinated with a separate State funded streetscape project on North  
Avenue with the City of Chicago.  
A Motion to Approve an Updated Organizational Chart for the Village  
Manager’s Office and Development Customer Services Department,  
Including the Creation of a Neighborhood Services Department  
In order to meet both emergent and long-term organizational goals and  
address succession planning needs, the Village Manager is proposing changes  
to the organizational chart designed to prioritize efficient and effective  
baseline services and ensure visibility and responsiveness with important  
initiatives and key organizational priorities in support of the Board’s goals. The  
reorganization includes the following elements: 1) The creation of a standalone  
Neighborhood Services Department designed to oversee and elevate code  
compliance, housing programs, and grants management and bring back  
neighborhood and community engagement and civic education and  
participation. 2) The permanent integration of the Community Relations  
Department's responsibilities within the Office of Diversity, Equity, and  
Inclusion. 3) Changes to the Development Customer Services Department,  
including a name change to “Development Services,” which is in line with  
industry standards and an enhanced focus on economic development and  
vitality within the Village organization. Since the staff’s presentation on May  
8th, staff has updated the job title of the administrative support roles within  
Development Services, Neighborhood Services, and the Village Manager’s  
Office to be Executive Coordinator. Additionally, staff has updated the  
presentation to include the OPRF Chamber of Commerce in the Development  
Services Department’s list of key initiatives and Special Events Permitting in  
the Neighborhood Service Department’s list of key initiatives.  
A Motion to Approve an Updated Organizational Chart for the Public  
Works Department  
The Village is facing increased attention and concerns around traffic and  
mobility needs in the community. In an effort to better address these issues,  
staff recommends a number of organizational changes creating a new  
Transportation Engineering Division within the Public Works Department.  
These proposed changes provide more direct oversight and attention to  
transportation and traffic issues within the Village. Proposed changes include  
a reorganization of existing positions and reclassifying and/or title changes for  
four positions within the Department. There is no increase in the number of  
FTE with the proposed changes.  
VII. Adjourn