123 Madison Street  
Oak Park, Illinois 60302  
Village of Oak Park  
Meeting Agenda  
President and Board of Trustees  
Monday, June 27, 2022  
7:00 PM  
Village Hall  
A Special Meeting is being conducted remotely at 7:00 p.m. with live audio available  
and optional video. The meeting will be streamed live and archived online for  
which is available to Comcast subscribers on channel 6 and ATT Uverse subscribers  
on channel 99. Remote Meetings of the Oak Park Village Board of Trustees is  
authorized pursuant to Section 7 (e) of the Open Meeting Act. The Village President  
has determined that an in-person meeting is not practical or prudent due to the  
COVID-19 outbreak during the Governor's disaster proclamation. It is also not  
feasible to have a person present at the Board's regular meeting location due to  
public safety concerns related to the COVID-19 outbreak.  
The President and Board of Trustees welcome your statement into the public record of a  
meeting. Public statements of up to three minutes will be allowed during Non-Agenda  
public comment or Agenda public comment, as an individual designates. Please follow  
the instructions to participate remotely. You may also communicate with the Village  
Board at 708.358.5784 or email board@oak-park.us. Questions regarding public  
comment can be directed to 708.358.5672 or email clerk@oak-park.us  
Instructions for Non-Agenda Public Comment  
Non-Agenda public comment is a time set aside at the beginning of each Village Board  
meeting for public statements about an issue or concern that is not on that meeting’s  
agenda. Send a request to state your comments during the virtual meeting by 5pm the  
day of the Village Board meeting to publiccomment@oak-park.us. You will be sent  
instructions on how to participate during the virtual meeting. Non-agenda public  
comment will be limited to 30 minutes with a limit of three minutes per statement. If  
comment requests exceed 30 minutes, public comment will resume after the items listed  
under the agenda are complete.  
Instructions for Agenda Public Comment  
Comments are three minutes per person per agenda item with a maximum of three  
agenda items to which you can speak. In addition, the Village Board permits a maximum  
of five persons to speak to each side of any one topic that is scheduled for or has been  
the subject of a public hearing by a designated hearing body. These items are noted with  
I. Call to Order  
II. Roll Call  
III. Agenda Approval  
IV. Non-Agenda Public Comment  
V. Regular Agenda  
Presentation of the Final Draft of the 2022 Comprehensive Sustainability,  
Climate Action, and Resiliency Plan for the Village of Oak Park titled  
“Climate Ready Oak Park”  
Presentation on a Racial Equity Toolkit  
VI. Adjourn